Post 12 (Final Blog Post)

Today is the day the project is due so in my last blog entry I will be a wrapping-up everything we have done and what I have learned while working as a virtual team.  In my opinion, I think working in a virtual team can be very simple and effective as long as everyone in the team contributes together. Even with the time differences we have, every team member in our team has made a good contribution to the discussions. I would definitely want to work in a virtual group again and use the slack app specifically. I think work gets done faster this way instead of waiting for a face-to-face meeting. The most valuable things you learned from doing the project. A valuable thing I learned from this project is that I really enjoyed working with international students and it helped me realize that doing projects with people from different cultures and countries is a big interest to me. I learned that this is something I want to pursue in my career for the future. I learned some new skills such as learning how to capture an area and crop a selection to create graphics. The leadership structure and the project management tools used in my team was effective because everyone in the team knew what that were doing and we all would check up on each other with each part of the assignment hat had to be done. In my group we all used slack to communicate including the French translators and it made it easy for them because the rest of us would send updated documents with the correct format and structure for them to use as a tool by. Since I did the cover page, I used some creativity with the design, graphics, and font. I tried to use the facebook font to make it seem more appropriate.  In future projects like these, I would like to be more involved with the instructional writing instead of just the format and graphics.


Blog Post 11

Frank just made the statement on slack that everything on the project for our side is completed and will be turning it in. I am not sure whether or not Li and Marianne finished their part for the French version, so I want to offer if they need help with any formatting. I did this because I feel I want to contribute to the assignment the most I can. I also think there may have been in imbalance with the amount of work each team member did. So I think some member did more work than others, and I think I should have done more. However, I’ve seen that the members that took on the most work from I what I believe volunteered to do the most. I hope in future projects that I will volunteer more so I can try to prevent these kinds of things from happening in which people are doing more work than others. But also, I am not sure if this is what actually happened. I fear it because I joined the group already behind on what was already discussed, so it makes me feel like I lost  certain opportunities to contribute to the group more then what I could have.

Blog Post 10

Frank said that he is happy with the final document and I agree. I really liked how he made the table of contents clickable because that will make it much easier to access the sections. To be honest, I didn’t think of using that function and assumed this document as a paper version to print out, but making it an online manual/instruction guide obviously makes more sense for this assignment since it is about setting up a facebook account. So I personally think that the readers would have an easier time using an online instructional document if the instructions were meant for describing how to do something that involved using the internet. I think Frank did a great job taking control of this assignment and did a great job trying to get everyone involved with it. I think because his help this assignment became very organized and has been the least stressful for me out of any other group assignment I worked on.

Blog Post 9

Frank put everything together in one document as of yesterday. When Gabby added graphics the table of contents had to be altered to max the page numbers and some of the headings had to be changed. Once I changed it, Frank already changed it himself and added it to the document. I think this is good but not sure if mine or his was better. Since it is a table of contents, I don’t think it matters. As of right now, I think our project is completed or close to completed.

Blog Post 8

I believe that Li and Marianne will work together for the French version since they are in charge of the translation. I am glad that I got god feedback on the cover page and I feel that I made a good contribution on my part for that. I also have done a table of contents, but I still have thoughts in wishing I was part of the group more in the beginning. Now I am trying hard to contribute and make suggestions. I noticed now that I now know everyone’s names unlike before so I feel like even though the project due date is already getting close, I feel much closer to my group members as the days go on.

Blog Post 7

I just finished working on the table of contents and the cover page. It seems like the cover page is good so far since Frank complimented it, but I don’t know about the table of contents yet. Gabby is supposed to add more grpahics to the document i believe so the page number might change after she completes it. As of right now, I’m supposed to do a French version, but Li had offered to do the french translation. Besides that, we are almost done with the project completely. I notice since I initiated into the conversation and gave feedback, I was able to feel more part of the group and I can see we are all communicating successfully with this project.

Blog Post 6

I’m just about to start with the cover page and table of contents for the project. However, I am still uncertain about whether I’m supposed to making 2 table of contents and 2 cover pages for bothe English and french version or not. I have asked on slack but I think only the members that are working on the french version would know that answer. So I think I should get it done today and show to the group if it is good since I do not know exactly what they are looking for. Also, I’m not sure what the cover page is supposed to look like, but Andrew said he could add the graphics to it once I finished it. However, it’s the same logo as the document so I have no problem with adding it.

Blog Post 5

I am glad that I now have taken on a task for the project because I felt I haven’t put a lot of contribution to it besides sources some graphics. My task to create a table of contents and cover page for the instruction manuals now that they are completed.  I like I was given the task because now I feel more part of the group than before, and instead of just putting in insight, I’m actually adding more onto the project like as I feel I should as a group member.

Blog Post 4

Li has stated in the slack conversation that the French translation of the Facebook document would be best to have the relevant screenshots to their version. Something that I learned from the translator’s side is that it’s not just about translating the words but making sure it fits their version if it’s different from ours. I agree with Li that the pictures and the words have to change around to fit theirs. In the US, there is an age limit of 13, but in the French version, there is no age limit at all, so that had to be taken out of theirs.  I liked how Li communicated with us to let us know so we are all on the same page of where we are with the project.

Blog Post 3

it appears that I’m understanding where we are wth our project. We have been using Slack and I can say it’s pretty effective, especially since I’ve learned it can be used as a phone app. That way it makes it easier to communicate with my group members and it keeps me up to date wherever I may be. As of right now, Li is working on the French translation, and from what she posted we learned that the French version of Facebook is different from the US version, so some of the instructions and images had to be edited and changed around a bit to fit France’s version. So from this experience, I’ve learned how different countries do different things, even it is for the same website, and translating a document isn’t as simple as I once thought it sounded.