Frank just made the statement on slack that everything on the project for our side is completed and will be turning it in. I am not sure whether or not Li and Marianne finished their part for the French version, so I want to offer if they need help with any formatting. I did this because I feel I want to contribute to the assignment the most I can. I also think there may have been in imbalance with the amount of work each team member did. So I think some member did more work than others, and I think I should have done more. However, I’ve seen that the members that took on the most work from I what I believe volunteered to do the most. I hope in future projects that I will volunteer more so I can try to prevent these kinds of things from happening in which people are doing more work than others. But also, I am not sure if this is what actually happened. I fear it because I joined the group already behind on what was already discussed, so it makes me feel like I lost  certain opportunities to contribute to the group more then what I could have.


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