Today is the day the project is due so in my last blog entry I will be a wrapping-up everything we have done and what I have learned while working as a virtual team.  In my opinion, I think working in a virtual team can be very simple and effective as long as everyone in the team contributes together. Even with the time differences we have, every team member in our team has made a good contribution to the discussions. I would definitely want to work in a virtual group again and use the slack app specifically. I think work gets done faster this way instead of waiting for a face-to-face meeting. The most valuable things you learned from doing the project. A valuable thing I learned from this project is that I really enjoyed working with international students and it helped me realize that doing projects with people from different cultures and countries is a big interest to me. I learned that this is something I want to pursue in my career for the future. I learned some new skills such as learning how to capture an area and crop a selection to create graphics. The leadership structure and the project management tools used in my team was effective because everyone in the team knew what that were doing and we all would check up on each other with each part of the assignment hat had to be done. In my group we all used slack to communicate including the French translators and it made it easy for them because the rest of us would send updated documents with the correct format and structure for them to use as a tool by. Since I did the cover page, I used some creativity with the design, graphics, and font. I tried to use the facebook font to make it seem more appropriate.  In future projects like these, I would like to be more involved with the instructional writing instead of just the format and graphics.


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