Blog Post 2

This week we turned in our assignment to be translated by the French students. We have decided to make a Whatsapp group for all of us to use so we know when we are online. FrankOConner has been really helpful with updating the group and getting everyone on track with the assignment, I just hope I can add more to the group and feel more part of it. I still think online group discussions are challenging because of different time zones and different work schedules, but I learned through using my phone to communicate with everyone makes it a lot easier than through computer.


Blog Post 1

Last week I started working together with team 8  on making a Facebook instructional manual for our assignment. There were some technical difficulties when it came to getting the invite link to join the group, and so once I joined I noticed my other team members got most of the assignment done already. However, I was able to add graphics that were needed to one of their documents. There was another girl in our group that had the same issue as me with joining the online group, so I feel like online groups can be unreliable at times because technical difficulties like this can happen out of our control, and with bigger groups, it could be hard to notice there is a  member in your group that was missing or  left out of most of the project. I also noticed that I have to keep asking the same question more than once in the group discussion to get an answer. When I submitted my part to the assignment, I didn’t get any responses or feedback about it when I asked, so I felt like my part was ignored or that I didn’t do it right. Since I came in late into the discussion, I didn’t know exactly what I was doing. I am not sure how I will accomplish this as of now, but I hope I can find a way to contribute to the group more effectively than I did this past week. Since my group members know that I am part of the group now, I believe that our communication will get better for now on from here.